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Thomas E. Planter (in period ink) is on the underside of the
tambourine . In the Massachusetts rosters he is listed as being
Thomas E. Platner and a resident of Hudson, NY.  Census records
show Thomas E. Platner, a
black citizen residing in Hudson, NY area.
His birth year matches that of the Platner in the 54th. As the
tambourine has on the head, "Thomas E. Planter / Mass", I checked
the Massachusetts census records and found no such person listed
in Massachusetts. Also checking the Civil War database, there is no
Thomas Planter listed in any state as a soldier. With this information
I feel that when the tambourine made its way to and was placed on
loan to the Boston GAR Post 200, there may have been someone that
placed the name inside for identification purposes (when it would
come time to return the item later) and transposed the 't' and 'n', or
even Platner himself if he did not have great skills in writing may
have done this.